Ever since I was the age of thirteen I had always wanted an older Chevy truck like my grandpa, Stan Gamble. A few years ago, I was talking to my dad, Rick Gamble, about wanting a truck like my grandpa’s, thinking nothing of it because it was just a dream. My dad mentioned he had a body frame of a Chevy like my grandpa’s and if I was serious about building a truck, we could start soon. I was so excited and never thought I would be able to have a truck like my grandpa. We started building in 2021, we started from the frame and rebuilt almost everything. I got to spend a lot of time with my dad and grandpa trying to rebuild the truck. Although me, my dad, and grandpa did most of the work, we had many people help rebuild the truck. Jim Cameron who worked on my engine many times and George Chaney who helped so much with building my truck. We bought a lot of parts off of LMC and are very thankful. My sixteenth birthday was in the upcoming two years so we tried our best to get it done in time for me to drive it. We had many struggles along the way, but I am so lucky I have the truck I have, and very fortunate for having so many people help build my truck.