In 2009, I bought my truck. It was my first truck and with her, I was able to bring myself out of some deep holes. I payed 500 bucks for her back then running and driving. The year I first had her, I was able to make a good name for myself and my truck. In late 2009, the transmission failed and I decided, as I had no way to fix her at the time, to sell her. 14 years later, I found her again, she passed 2 hands and still had the same bad transmission as before. I had to have her back. I struck a deal then trailered her back home. The first week was getting the old 302 breathing life again. The second and third weeks were swapping in a new (used) transmission. The third week was cleaning and other repairs. I felt I owed it to this old truck to bring her back around and give her another chance to be a good truck again. She’s still a work in progress and I have a lot to do. Thank you LMC Truck for making the needed parts easy to find and purchase.