My father purchased this truck brand new in 1976. He drove the truck to work every day and used it for camping and traveling for many years. He and my mother used it during the land clearing and building of their home. It was truly a work horse. In 2001, a truck upgrade was in order, and the old one was rarely used.

Since it was just sitting in his shop, I wound up with it so we could use it to haul firewood. In true family tradition, we were clearing property and building a house, so the truck got used for picking up building materials, pulling tree roots and brush, and anything else we could think of. As the years went by, the truck was really showing its age from overwork and rust.

We wanted it to run better, so our first step was to put in a custom 350 engine. Then, we realized that it also needed springs, new hubs, brakes, transmission, and the list goes on.

I had some great childhood memories of times with Dad and Mom and that truck, so I decided to “fix it up a little” and that’s when things got out of hand. My dad had been having medical problems for some time and I had hopes of having it completed in time for his 90th birthday, but his health didn’t cooperate. I pulled out all the stops. If I couldn’t do it in time, at least I’d do it right! That’s about the time the body came off the frame.

This project has taken several years to complete, and it was worth every moment.