I dreamed of a lifted step side square body since I was a little kid. About 10 years ago, I set out to find “my dream truck”. I ran across a gentleman that said his brother in law had one for sale. It was exactly what I wanted, but it was in a million pieces and needed to be assembled. I wasn’t at a point that I had the time to put into a full resto, so I passed and kicked myself ever since for letting it get away. Fast forward to Jan 2024 and I began looking for the “perfect truck” and was ready to pull the trigger on one. I happened to stumble upon that guy and asked him if he knew where the truck was. We tracked it down and luckily I found it and it was for sale. I snatched it up and began tearing it down for full restoration and in 4 months worth of long nights after work (some all nighters), I am proud to say it is complete and it couldn’t have turned out any better. My dream truck now resides in my shop and I will forever believe in “second chances”.