My name is Andrew Pecjak, I went to school for automotive technology, it was the years of Covid and I wasn’t able to learn hands on from a book or go to school in person. So, at the age of 17 I bought a 1985 GMC and talked with my dad as it would be a great learning project. We started on it and down to the frame it went. The build process kept going and more and more LMC boxes of course. We worked on the whole drive train at my dad’s house and all the body work at my cousin’s house. I’ve learned countless things doing what we did and I promised my grandma when we got the truck done, she’d be the first to ride in it. As the months went on, we got to the stages of the cab being put on and on Feb 24th, my 18th birthday, I got to take my grandma for a 5-foot forward and 5-foot backwards to say we did it and held the promise. Then, the next year, I was then announced a scholarship through Benz to help with my paint when I graduated. And being graduated, I went ahead and bought a set of Dakota digital gauges and here we are. I’m 21, I wish I could have taken my grandma for a longer ride as she’s no longer with us, I’m sure she would be proud. I’m thankful for my family who all helped teach me and show me everything I’ve learned. It’s been a great journey.