In 1985, my dad bought this 1986 Silverado long bed, new off the showroom floor. My dad drove it for some years before eventually making a deal with my grandfather who then drove it for years before passing away. To say this truck has sentimental value to me is an understatement. The majority of my childhood, the truck ended up sitting in the edge of a field on our land due to mechanical issues. Upon turning 15 yrs old, me and my dad were looking for a vehicle for me to drive. I noticed the old truck every time I went by where it sat and knew it had potential to be what I wanted. We pulled it up to the shop with the tractor and began working on it and I haven’t looked back since. 18 years and lots of money and time later and the truck is a true head turner. Thanks LMC for the many great parts that have went into this truck over the years.
406sbc, turbo 400, 4000 stall, 4.11 gear

My 14 year old son, who has always liked my truck, expressed interest in getting a square body to work on and drive once he gets his license. Last week, we found and bought a 1985 C10 custom deluxe short bed (black truck in pics) that is already a very nice truck. Excited to continue to build this truck alongside my son like my father did with me.