The 1986 Ranger XL entered the Kosman family in 1990. My Dad purchased the truck from the original owner and the 34-year love affair began.

This truck traveled cross country and into farm fields and hauled my Dad to his job every day until us kids came along. My brother and I grew up around that truck and Dad always called it Ranger, but we called it Tonka.

Both my brother and I drove this truck to school and helped put the original 86,000 miles on it. In the last few years, we decided to restore Tonka to its original glory. We planned for months and looked through the LMC magazines coming up with a plan on what to order for the truck.

Now we have the Ranger that we named Tonka ready for the next generation of Kosman’s to enjoy. Thanks Dad for buying this truck 34 years ago and thank you LMC for being the go-to destination for truck parts and these types of projects!