I’ve always owned old Ford’s over the last 45 years. Everything from old and classic Ford Trucks ranging from 1966 to 1994, old Ford Mustangs ranging from 1968 to 1988, a 1974 Ford Pinto Runabout, a 1968 Mercury Cougar, and now this beautiful 1987 Ford Bronco II XLT “Carolina Cruiser Edition”. We acquired this from the Original Owner’s family from Norwood, North Carolina back in January of 2024, setup with the 2.9L V6, AOD 4 Speed Automatic, 4X4, and with the “Carolina Cruiser Edition” package. I remember when these came out and remember seeing them on the road but didn’t know the history about this Special Edition. After doing some research, I found that a customizing dealer in North Carolina had contracted with Ford Motor Company to build the “Carolina Cruiser Edition” for the Ford Dealers of North and South Carolina.
We looked around for a while for a Bronco II in good shape needing very little work, but after finding this one, we knew this was the one to buy. The original owner bought it NEW to drive back and forth to work each day, 40-mile roundtrip five days a week. No one has ever sat in the back seat, and I was told that his wife didn’t ride in it very often, which explains the great shape of the interior. When we purchased the vehicle, we were given a maintenance file, and in the glovebox were the original owner’s manuals including the warranty card and the original business card of the salesman that sold this to Larry. Also, we found the original sales contract, paperwork, dealer inspection report and original window sticker. My wife loves to scrapbook, so she is in the process of making a 12″ x 12″ book with copies of everything and also a Kevin Marti Report and various photos. The book will be set out for folks to look at local cruise-ins, car shows, etc.
Since purchasing this Bronco II, I have had some upgraded maintenance done to it in the way of complete front end work, front end alignment, NEW shocks, complete tune-up, AC system gone through and recharged, etc. We bought this to use as a daily driver to help keep the miles down off of our 2017 Ford F150 Lariat Sport Special Edition. We are having a ball enjoying driving “Lil’ Red” around our home state. It currently has 170,000 plus miles on it, but you couldn’t tell it! We’re always getting compliments on it, not to mention offers to buy it from us. For now, it is not for sale, and who knows, down the road when our oldest grandson turns sixteen, it might go to him. Keep up the great work with all of your products LMC Truck, and we’ll continue to be a very satisfied customer!!