This is my 1989 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bauer Edition. 4X4, 6 Cylinder 2.9L

I bought it from the original owner back in 1993. At the time, it had approx. 60,000 miles on it. For years I drove the Bronco as an everyday driver, putting more than 200,000 miles on it. Today, it looks just like it did the day I bought it.

The vehicle has never been crashed. It has been repainted. Mike and Dave’s Autobody did a beautiful job restoring the paint to its original state. Unfortunately, I let the engine over heat and the block cracked. I had an original long block 2.9L installed. I’ve also replaced many other parts due to normal wear and tear, many of them bought through LMC Truck.

I really enjoy driving the truck. It has a pretty comfortable ride and a great turning radius. A lot of people along the way kept telling me I should get rid of that old truck but the funny thing is, many of them are now trying to buy it from me.