I had been trying to buy this truck for 10 years and one Friday, about 5 years ago, he says sure thing Garrett. Well, careful what you wish for, the dash was covered with a cloth that, when removed, showed the entire dash dry, rotted, and cracked. The latch for the glove box was in the ash tray and had to be redone with tongue depressors and popsicle sticks, the headliner was powder, and the carpet and seat were sun damaged beyond help.

I love these old trucks and have painstakingly brought it back, new 50/50 black and grey bench seat, new seat belts, and a new dash cover from LMC. I replaced the grey carpet with black, a new black headliner, all new door locks and actuators, and new ignition lock set. New door latches and locks, Grant steering wheel, Pioneer 4×60 watt stereo, front and rear windscreens, all new weather-stripping  and new black pearl paint, courtesy of the local Maaco, Cragar SS’s, and 60 series BF Goodrich’s.

I have tried to stay as stock as possible, it is powered by a 305 TBI with an Edelbrock enforcer TBI manifold, hooker headers and dual exhaust with the cat removed. It has a 700R4 and a Borg Warner limited slip rear-end. All new A/C and a Power Mate 14 volt alternator. It is a joy to drive and gets a few beeps when we’re out cruising.

I could not have saved this truck without the hard working and knowledgeable staff at LMC, thank you so much.

Garrett Phillips