I finally found a copy to one of my first vehicles. I remember when dad bought it brand new and taught me to drive. By the time it was my vehicle, it was so worn out, I had to add oil just to drive it to school. I took it for granted and like a kid, sold it to someone who would end its life. 19 years later, I found one to buy and could totally rebuild it to enjoy and one day pass down to my son. I found it on Marketplace and of course I was 8 hours away, but I had a great friend of mine, Tim Taylor (yes just like the tool man), a Tulsa local who jumped at the opportunity to go pick it up for me. The day he got it home, I started ordering parts. 6.0 Ls for it, new coilovers and tubular control arms from viking and CPP, US Mag wheels, TMI seats, we stripped it down for full paint work and started rebuilding and 14 months later, I went on the first cruise to Magnolia, AR for the rods and ribeye car show. 3 days and 495 miles later, I made it home with a smile that stayed for days.