Ol’ Clyde is a 1986 Chevrolet C/10 that me my father and my son built. We saved this truck, it was wrecked and going downhill very fast. We rebuilt this truck one bolt at a time using mostly LMC parts. It took us 3 years to complete working only weekends. We are not mechanics by trade, but we know enough through trials and hard times to be able to complete the project you see. Ol’ Clyde is an heirloom and will stay in the family as long as we can keep it and hopefully pass him down generation to generation. The truck isn’t perfect and we weren’t shooting for perfection, we wanted a truck that looked good, very reliable and fun to drive! We want to drive Clyde, but if we want to show the truck, we can do that too. I’m very thankful for LMC, you guys saved us so much time in sourcing parts for our build! We love the end product, we love the truck and we love LMC!