This project was kicked off when LMC Truck started working with rising Country star, and former “American Idol” contestant, Casey James. Casey wanted to work with us on a project build and has always been interested in a 1979 Ford Bronco. Follow the Bronco’s build progress below!

Part 1: Finding a Worthy Project

Thus begins the saga of the Magnum Force Bronco.

The truck was originally purchased from the Ford factory in 1978 by a customer in Missouri. The Bronco went from the factory to a custom shop in California. Roll-a-long Inc. looks to have done the major modifications to the interior, pinstriping, and the tow package. Our Research has turned up a particular style of powerboat from the 70’s that are also called Magnum Force that are powered by 357 V8’s and seems to match the Bronco. The Magnum Force package is not something that Ford did at the factory.

The interior of the Bronco was extensively redone. The bucket seats, center console, rear seat, headliner, and side panels were all recovered in Sunset Down red, orange, and yellow. Roll-a-long added the tow package and the pinstriping was done by hand.

After it’s time in California at the custom shop, the Magnum Force Bronco made its way to Camdenton, MO. The history of the Bronco gets a little hazy here. Our Research tells us that the 1st owner kept the Bronco for decades and used the truck to dominate all snow storms in Southern Missouri.
The 2nd owner only had the Bronco for 10 years and rebuilt the carburetor. Eventually the truck found its way to the top of a hill with a “For Sale” sign in the window. Chris R. grew up in Camdenton and remembered seeing the Bronco roaming the twisty back roads.

At the time, Chris was looking for a toy, so he made an offer on the Bronco. With a little haggling, the Magnum Force Bronco was his. Chris owned the truck for a number of years, but after a lot of fun and a move to Texas, the Bronco started to show its age. Chris placed it in a storage unit until the time was right for him to restore it.

As many of these “some day” restorations go, hard times found Chris and he had to put the Bronco up for sale. LMC Truck & Casey James had been looking for a Bronco project and both were immediately drawn to the Bronco’s “uniqueness.” It’s hard to not see that paint scheme.

LMC Truck purchased the Bronco from Chris R. in Little Elm, Texas and Casey was happy that the truck was from Texas, just like him.
LMC Truck plans to fully restore the Bronco with the help of Stacey David, Casey James, and more!

Part 2: What’s 500 miles in a 35 year old truck?

LMC Truck sent His Excellency, “Emperor Shiny Bald Head,” aka Scott, to Little Elm, TX, to inspect and finalize the purchase of the Bronco.

Scott is a seasoned employee and driver of many of our “mature” trucks so he knows to swap the battery, check the tires and top off the fluids before heading to Kansas.

Just after he crossed the Oklahoma state line he noticed a slight wobble in the rear end. Scott pulled onto the nearest exit ramp near Wayne, Oklahoma and into a convenience store parking lot, but by this time the Bronco had decided to over heat. Scott, being ever resourceful found a pink child’s sock by the side of the road to remove the radiator cap, which promptly fell into three pieces in his hand…

A convenience store is a great resource when stranded in small-town America. There Scott made a handshake deal with a gentleman to let the Bronco sit in his field until Scott could get a tow truck to pick it up. Then after several other conversations (did we say His Excellency likes to talk?), he found a ride with another gentleman headed north to inspect some oil wells. From Oklahoma City, Scott rented a car and made it home. The Bronco was hauled back to our garage at LMC Truck in Lenexa, KS the following week.

“Nothing worth doing is very easy,” and so far that applies to our Bronco.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Part 3: Striptease!

Now that the Bronco is back in town, it’s time to get to work. Nate and the boys at Kultured Custom Restorations in Gardner, KS are ready to get to work! First up is dismantling the Bronco and getting her prepped for her “close up” with Stacey David.

Part 4: A Good Foundation

Every good build begins with a good foundation. Our Bronco now has one. The body, suspension, and everything else was removed from the frame, which was then sent out to the sand blaster. After being blasted, the frame received a fresh powdercoat.

Now it’s time to start bolting it back together!

Part 5: Heart Transplant

The tired 351M is being switched out for a brand new 351 Windsor crate motor.