It’s no secret that we love truck restoration projects, so when it was time to find the perfect project truck, we knew exactly where to look… Right in our own research department’s warehouse. With several great classics from Chevy, GMC, Ford, and Dodge, this 1972 Chevy K10 was an easy choice. Partly because we love the truck itself, but also because of what appeared to be an interesting history.

Since this wasn’t going to be your typical all-stock restoration, we teamed up with the TV series Chop Cut Rebuild and a local customization shop Kultured Customs. This ended up being one of our favorite projects, and although the K10 may look mostly stock, it’s been nicely enhanced with a custom interior, bed floor, 20″ Rally Style Aluminum Wheels, and a nice dose of raw power thanks to a Chevy LT1 sourced from a Corvette Stingray running through a 4L70E 4-speed transmission.

Why did we choose this particular K10? Well, she seemed to have a bit more history than most trucks since there was a stray bullet hole in the passenger side rear B pillar that went from the inside out. We have no idea how it got there, but we’re pretty sure there’s a good story there, so it was going to stay as part of the restoration. We held a naming contest to allow one of our customers to give it a name, and that’s how she became known as Miss Fire.

Thanks to a lot of hard work and creative know-now, this is how Miss Fire looked at the end of the project. Scroll down to see all the steps that were taken to get her this way.

Part 1: The Beginning

Our 1972 Chevy K10 heads off for a full frame-off restoration. Since this was originally a Texas truck, there’s very little rust, but a there was a lot of red dirt throughout the truck, and the bullet hole in the cab tells us that this one has a lot of history to it.

Part 2: Tear Down

The teardown process began in our LMC Truck research facility and was completed at Kultured Customs. The Chop Cut Rebuild team was there the entire time to document the process, and they also ended a few helping hands.

Part 3: Tweety Bird Yellow

After a visit to the sand blaster, the cab was brought back to Kultured Customs where Nate and the guys quickly covered the cab with primer — very yellow primer. We used LMC Truck patch panels on both rocker panels and the cab corners to make sure the condition of the cab would be as good as new.

Part 4: New Bed Assembly

The new bed was mocked up with replacement steel bedsides and new oak wood floor from LMC Truck before everything would make its way to the painting process.