Elmers 69 High Boy

My father-in-law bought her used in 1969 with 70 miles.  Seems that a father bought it for his son.  The father saw his son driving recklessly.  The father took it back to the Ford dealer.

When Elmer have me the truck, everything that had rubber components had to be replaced!

Seems it hadn’t been driven much; only 52000 miles.

This was back in ’95. This last winter 2020/21 I did a frame off restoration. Replacing door skins , front fenders,  and added headers dual exhaust, intake manifold for a 4 bbl carb, installed new PS/PB, new window rubber, and window lining,  gas tank out of the cab, dual saddle tanks, gas fill same side of rig, rust encapsulated the chassis and frame.

Most replacement parts came from LMC Truck.

Thank you for your support.