Red, White and Big Blue

Every boy has his dream car, for me it’s always been a Ford Truck. In my family, it’s almost a rite of passage when you get your first pickup. My father, Uncles and Grandfather all had theirs, and at the age of 15 I found mine, a 1977 F-250 4×4. Canary yellow with black hood stripes; what young man wouldn’t fall in love. And like many teenagers, my aspirations to modify, build and hotrod far exceeded my financial capabilities at the time.

Sadly, just as quick as I could begin to dream about engine swaps and big tires, the truck was gone. Due to family hardships, the truck was sold and with it, went a big piece of my heart. Now to some it may sound strange to feel so strongly about a car, but as any car guy or gal knows, when you find the one, it leaves a lasting impression. I was devastated. Other cars came and went, but none were the same. And my passion for working on cars waivered.

But, just after graduating high school, I found Big Blue! Black at the time, a 1978 F-250 4×4. I bought the truck for $1800.00. Countless summers of working odd-ball jobs finally paid off and I had my Ford back. Not nearly as pretty and far from the hotrod that ol’ yellow was, regardless, it was a Ford and had potential. Over the next 15 years I spent weekends, holidays and many many many late nights, making my dream truck a reality. From sandblasting the cab in the front lawn, to painting the axles in our home’s washroom, I have touched every bolt on the pickup and am proud to say it is 100 % built, not bought. With a big block 460 sporting Keith Black Racing pistons, Holley fuel injection and digital Ignition, forty-inch Irok Super Swampers, and countless parts from LMC Truck, Big Blue stands proud. And with the Birth of my now two-year-old son, my wife and I admiringly watch as another chapter in our families Ford legacy continues.

Thanks, LMC for helping my dream come true, and just maybe, one day, my son’s as well.

“Keep’em On The Road”

Seath K.