2020 Senior Project

This truck was originally purchased for the oldest Hill boy.  It was found by their late Uncle, Don P.  When Dillon was 14, he purchased the pickup from his oldest brother.  The short bed box had been removed and replaced with a flat bed.  The spring of Dillon’s junior year in high school, he chose rebuilding this pickup for his senior project.  It took over a year and a half, working nearly every weekend in his grandfather’s shop, to restore this family heirloom.  The total resto-mod was done by Dillon and his father, Charlie.

In the spring of Dillon’s senior year, COVID hit.  School was completely done online for the remainder of the school year, and senior projects were cancelled.  Dillon was not able to present or share his project.  The school district decided to have a graduation parade to replace the traditional ceremony.  Dillon proudly drove his pickup in his graduation parade.