A Truck I Always Wanted

As a kid, I always dreamed of driving a K5 Blazer.  They were my favorite vehicle growing up and by the time I became a driver, they had stopped production.  Those K5s that were available were always out of my price range and it took me until my mid-40s to finally be in a position to purchase one that I could restore.  I purchased this two years ago and started the restoration process immediately by completely restoring the interior, fixing the drivetrain and getting the exterior back to its original condition.  My goal with my K5 was to bring it back to the way it looked the day it rolled off of the lot.  My family is making great memories in this truck and I plan to pass it along for their enjoyment.  I truly enjoyed the restoration process and it is now a true pleasure to drive.  Of course, the compliments aren’t bad either!