Continuing from my first story…  It’s been quite a chore trying to find body parts for my 2wd Silverado.  So, back in December of 2021 I came across another ’03 Silverado at a great buy with a perfect body that I initially intended to use to repair my other truck.  But when I got it home and started working, it really checking out well.  It was just too good to tear it apart.  So, I got it running pretty good, although I did have to replace the transmission.  Good thing was, I had a buddy that had two used 4l60e trannys and I got a great deal on one of them.  The truck works like a charm now.  Also, this truck has the 5.3l engine, and the power difference is unbeatable from the 4.8l.  I was really suprised.  I’m still tinkering with it and getting all the bugs worked out, but the best part is the fact that the mileage was pretty low on this truck, just like my other.  Once again, I have a truck that should last me a very long time and I’m so happy to be back in my Silverado!