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Redeemed 66 C10

As newlyweds (36 years ago) my wife and I purchased a shark nose Chevy truck. At that stage of life we didn’t have the money to restore it so we sold it. Many years later our family purchased this truck to have a project my son and I could work on together. Five and a half years later you can see why we named this truck “Redeemed.”

Our intent was to restore it to its original glory, but early into the build we veered off course to make it one-of-a-kind. Our entire family has had a part in it. My wife picked the colors and rims, helped find the interior at the junk yard, and just about every other design aspect. The guys’ job was to make it happen. It was all done in our own garage from the marriage of two cabs to make one good one, chopping the frame to make it a short-bed, installing the interior from an ’08 Honda Accord, metal work, body work, paint, custom Camaro bumpers front and back, fuel injection, a custom grill, and custom lighting. This truck has been a learning experience for everyone.

Thank you to LMC truck for the quality parts we were able to purchase to help us “Redeem” a family project!