My dad used to have one of these trucks when I was a kid. An old plow truck. He had Pisscutter Deluxe hand painted on the tailgate just to be funny because he used to say it was so nice but in fact it was just an old beat up plow truck. My parents didn’t have much when they started out, but over the years they successfully built an Auto Body business. This is where my love of all things automotive came from. The old Chevy plow truck is where my obsession with old Chevys/GMC’s came from. I’ve wanted one since I was a kid. Last year we lost my dad so it was bittersweet when I finally was able to purchase the 69. I wished so much for him to be able to see what I would do with it. He was always so proud of my other vehicles I had done. So the day I bought the truck I knew instantly that it would become the new Pisscutter Deluxe in memory of my dad. I’ve never been so proud but also sad to drive anything in my life but I know he’s looking down just loving how it turned out.