This is our 1984 Ford 150 XL truck; we call him Henry. This truck was bought brand new by my great Uncle, who passed away three years later of cancer. When he passed my grandfather, Henry Lamb, bought the truck off of his sister to help her with money. For me this truck has always gone hand in hand with my memories of my grandfather, right down to the smell. He kept a cap on in, as he ran beagles at a local beagle club as well as hauling feed and hay for his barn. When he wasn’t using it he always kept it in the barn garage to keep it out of the weather. When he passed in December 2008 his third born out of five sons inherited the truck because my grandmother said that he was always borrowing it anyways. It stayed in his possession until 2014 when he traded it in at a dealership in Johnstown PA where we saw it sitting one day on our way to town. Once we saw it and told family about it being there, the truck sat on the lot with a hold on it for two days upon which my uncle, the fourth born out of five sons, bought the truck for $3,000. He kept it in his garage where he kept it running until 2023 when it let him down while on a drive, he had decided he didn’t want to sink anymore money into and had planned to sell it to a junk yard for $200. When my brother heard about this, he couldn’t stand the thought of it getting junked so he offered to buy it from our uncle and then gifted it me, knowing how much the truck had always meant to me and that I am married to a great technician who could restore it and keep it running. So now I get to watch my husband as he brings this truck back to the way it was when it rolled off of the line in 1984. It brings me great joy to ride beside my husband as we take it out for back road drives on sunny days, the smell alone takes me right back to my childhood like my pap really isn’t that far from me. My husband’s respect for the history of this truck and the sentimental value it has for me as he keeps it stock and as original as possible means the world and makes it that much sweeter when different generations of people stop to compliment how great of shape it’s in and how much they enjoy the look of it. I’m looking forward to many more years of memories with our Henry.