The Junk Yard Mut

This is my 1991 Chevy s10, I’ve owned this truck for going on 17 years now (I’m 27 now). It has a pretty good old back story to it as well. I remember growing up always going to the scrap yard down the road from my childhood home. At 10 or 11 years old I was selling scrap metal, cutting grass and another odd end jobs I could do to buy parts for my go-kart I had that I always ended up breaking right after I fixed it like most kids that age. As me and my dad was throwing the medal off the truck I saw something in the corner of my eye and I had to go look. It was a beat up old red S10 pickup and after seeing it I know I had to have it. My dad knew the owner really well so he said he would asked if he would sell it after we got done. So my dad gave him a call. As they talked I waited to hear him say how much. My dad stopped and looked at me and asked how much I had saved up. I told him I had about $400. He then turn back to his phone as I knew that wasn’t enough to get the truck. My dad with a smile on his face said to me, well I guess you just bought a truck and your mom is going to kill me. This truck has come a long way since that day. I learned how to drive in it, done some dumb teenager stuff with it, drove it to high school and I got married in it. Me and my father have made some great memories in this old truck. Now this truck has a stoker motor in it and is far from the same truck it was the day I bought it for $400, but it has become something that can’t be replaced. This truck will always be the junkyard mut.