A coworker of mine asked me if I knew of anyone that wanted a “junker truck”. She explained to me that her husband’s Dad passed on his ’78 F150 after he passed away 10 years ago. It had been sitting in his driveway all that time and its new job was to house wasps, mice, and muddaubers. I agreed to take a look at it. It was a beautiful Short bed Ranger with an unadulterated past in original condition. My buddy and I fiddled with the carb, did a bypass of the gas tank, filled the tires, put a new battery and she started right up. I got about a mile away from my house when the fuel pump went. We towed it home and since then, I’ve done rear drums, new e-break, fuel lines, carb rebuild, gutted the interior, new tires, and floor pans. All she needs now to be road worthy is to weld the pans, put the interior back with new carpet and liner, and drive her to work.