Years ago, while driving around in a small Ohio town, I noticed this old truck at a local car wash. Thinking of how cool this old beauty looked, I pulled in and struck up a conversation with the owner. By the time we were done taking about this truck, I ended our conversation with leaving my name and phone number in the event this 1961 F100 would ever be for sale. This truck is a 3 on the tree with a 223 straight six and appears to be original. Little did I know, years later I would get that call and I bought this truck in January 2005.
This 1961 had even more meaning for me, it is the year I was born and that added another degree of attraction because this was a vehicle people were driving when I came into this world. I now owned a piece of Ford history. I was taught to drive a three on the tree by my father in an old Red Buick which I enjoyed driving as a kid, only on the farm as I wasn’t of age to drive legal yet. I sure wish I had that old Buick now too.
The ’61 was in rough shape when I bought it. However, it did start right up and that was all I needed. I have worked on this truck now for almost 18 years doing a little each year, which has all been a labor of love. The list of repairs stem from clutch, brakes, tires, rims, radiator, steering wheel, springs, axel seals, carburetor work, exhaust, wiring, paint, and the list goes on. Any old vehicle lover knows and understands the challenge and welcomes it to keep these beauties on the roads. It’s also a huge blessing to have the old school mechanics still around who can fix these old beauties.
After years of owning this 1961, I have finally located the matching Vin# on the frame and exhaust manifolds but still searching to find matching Vin# somewhere hopefully in the engine to verify it is the original. I have not, as of yet, rebuilt this engine, but have been thinking it over just to see if a VIN # might be somewhere in the engine.
I enjoy taking the ’61 out to car shows and just out on joy rides around my area. It is so worthwhile when you turn heads while driving by and overhear voices trying to guess the year of that old truck.
My 1961 F100 is still a work in progress, but it’s my perfect driver old truck and l love it.