Where do I start. Ever since I was born in 1988, my father has been a Chevy fanatic. He has had nothing but Chevy’s all his life ever since he was young. He’s had over 20 C10’s and C20’s. You walk inside his garage and you will find every original part from any Chevy Silverado and C1 in his garage. Since my father got older, he stopped working on cars as much as he did when we was younger. I always wanted a C10 garage kept to myself. I had the opportunity to find one and didn’t think twice. I asked my father if he was on board to restore the whole truck. So, I found one in Texas, all destroyed and rusted and they shipped it down to Miami, Florida, so we completely restored it from scratch from electrical interior. Everything was redone in the truck. It was the best bonding experience with my father, spending quality time. I’m putting together something we’re passionate about and in love with. It’s been over 20 years since he’s had a C10, but my father knows so much about C10’s and C20’s that he will never forget how to restore and fix them. This truck means the world to me. It’s more sentimental than anything, and I will never put a price on it. I have attached some pictures, but I have much more.