I remember by the time I was 10 I was determined that some day I would be the owner of a stepside truck. My parents were Mopar fans thru and thru, so this meant when I turned 16, I had zeroed in on a 1978 Dodge stepside powered with a 318. While driving it home down the highway, a wire shorted out in the steering column and plumes of smoke started filing the cab. But that was okay because the rusted-out holes in the floor allowed for plenty of ventilation. Once we got it home, my dad and I spent the next month or 2 cleaning it up and making weekly trips to the local auto wreckers to make sure it was mechanically sound. We also discovered that the apparent 318, turned out to be a 1970 – 340 which made it an even more special find. I have now had the truck for over 32 years and just recently decided to dust it off from storage and turn it into my dream vehicle, 1978 – Lil Red Express tribute. I now love to simply go cruising and taking it to the odd show-n-shine. The best part is the number of thumbs up and smiling faces I receive every time I take it out as people come over and tell me the stories they have about their favorite vehicles. This truck has served me in many different states and adventures over the years and I am looking forward to seeing where the next 32 years will take us.