• 1951 Chevy 1500 – Renee B.

    Riding in Dad's Toy! So, this is how my story goes!  My great uncle Bob bought this beautiful green Chevy pickup back in 1951.  Years later, my grandfather, Tom, bought it from Bob.  Then ... read more >>

  • 1992 Ford Bronco – Travis B.

    Growing up, my Dad owned a late 80's Ford Bronco, two toned blue and white.  He always told me the day he sold his Bronco he knew it was a giant mistake.  Fast forward ... read more >>

  • 1979 Ford Bronco – Tanner C.

    My Dad bought this 1979 Bronco in the 80’s and I spent my entire childhood learning to wrench on it with him and my brother, as well as off-roading all over the Pacific Northwest.  ... read more >>

  • 1977 Ford F100 – Jeff F.

    City Barn Find Have you ever experienced this?  You’re driving through town or cruising along a country road and you catch a brief glint of sunlight as it flashes off a piece of relic ... read more >>

  • 1980 Dodge D150 – Richard N.

    I started to restore this 1980 Dodge D150 in 2019.  It has new paint and graphics, seats recovered, new wheels, and 4 barrel carb.  It was ready to drive in spring of 2021.  I ... read more >>

  • 1993 GMC Sonoma – Don McC.

    The Daddy Mac My grandfather, "Daddy Mac", bought this 1993 GMC Sonoma SLE new from Northlake Auto Mall Pontiac/GMC/Oldsmobile in June of that year just as the "new and improved" 1994 Gen2 was arriving ... read more >>

  • 1983 Chevy C10 Juan. M

    This is my grandpa's 1983 C10.  He bought it brand new and has had it since then.  About 3 years ago it was stolen.  About two months passed and the police found the truck.  ... read more >>

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This site was born out of file cabinets filled with the letters and pictures that we have received from truck owners over the years. These letters told us the story of your truck. The highs, the lows, the happy events and the events that tug at our hearts.

Seems every truck has a story and we can’t wait to hear yours!

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