This is our president/owner, Becky Hanrahan’s pet project.  Baby B is a 1955 First Series Chevy 3100 5-window that Becky is having restored for her new grandson, Carter.

Follow our progress below!

Part 1: Deep in the Heart of Texas

1955 First Series Chevy

Introducing Baby B!

This sweet 1955 first series Chevy 3100 5-window was discovered down in Texas.

We promise to have updates on each “Working Wednesday” to follow Baby B’s progress. Stay Tuned!

Part 2: My Tennessee Mountain Home

Baby B arriving at Possum Holler Garage in Sawdust, TN

Baby B was purchased by Becky Hanrahan, our President/Owner. Becky and Baby B have a lot in common! The truck is a first series ’55 Chevy and Becky has admitted to being from ’55 too. J Baby B spent its early years on a farm in Texas and Becky grew up on a farm in Iowa.  It’s almost a match made in heaven.  Becky recently experienced the birth of her first grandson and someday this truck is going to be driven by him, hence the name. Becky plans to use Baby B as a daily driver, until her grandson is old enough to drive and then the truck will be all his!

Part 3: “I’m In Pieces”

That’s a Hall & Oates reference for the kids in the audience.  Look them up on YouTube, but first let’s talk about Baby B!

The restoration of Baby B is getting serious. This week the boys has begun the dismantle process. They started at the front and worked all the way down to the frame rails.

Baby B is getting the complete frame off restoration treatment and even though she is a very rough canvas to begin with there is a lot of potential there!

Part 4: True Colors

Baby B has shed her body panels and revealed her true colors!

It’s much easier to pick a paint scheme when you can see the original colors of the truck. The boys have dismantled the truck enough that they uncovered some panels that haven’t been battered by years of wear and tear. Baby B’s fenders used to be a dark blue color while the hood, cab, and doors used to be a light blue color.

It’s a color scheme that is perfect for a truck that is celebrating the birth of a grandson!

Part 5: Here You Come, There I Go

New parts have arrived from LMC Truck.

Baby B won’t get to go through them to see what treats we’ve sent her as her frame, cab, and various parts are heading off to the sandblaster the very same day!

Tune in next week! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!