Part 16: Love Potion No.9

The boys have been putting together the new 9 inch rear end for Baby B.

Part 17: Painting the Frame

The boys have been busy and now have Baby B’s frame painted!

Part 18: IFS, Fuel Tank, & Brake Master Cylinder Installed

The frame is now painted. The IFS that was previously mocked up is now permanently installed. The fuel tank is also now permanently installed in the bed. Last, but definitely not least, the Power Brake Master Cylinder is also permanently installed. There’s also a sneak peek of the Rocket Racing Wheels that will be installed!

Part 19: Cab Corners After Blast & After Metal Work

Here are the Cab Corners after the sand blast and then again after the metal work. Body work coming up!

Part 20: Hit the floor!

The cab floors are being repaired. Worn out areas are cut out and new LMC Truck floor pan metal is installed!