Part 6: Blasted!

Baby B is back from the sandblaster and looking sharp! Who knew all that rust and dirt could end up looking so good?

That’s the original frame, cab, hood, both front fenders, and the rear wheel wells.

Part 7: Fenders!

Baby B’s new fenders are being prepped for installation.  The boys have been sanding and cleaning them thoroughly with a wax and grease remover.  They’ll also been filling in any imperfections in the fenders.

After they are done with them the fenders go from warehouse basic to showroom quality!

Part 8: Review

The boys review the frame to see what will have to be removed to install the new Independent Front Suspension on Baby B.

After it was blasted, the boys review Baby B’s cab to see what metal needs to be replaced.

Part 9: The Heartbeat of America

Yes, we know that is Chevy’s tag line from the early 90’s, but it fits here!

Baby B’s heart has arrived. The boys have been all over her new transplant. Baby B is going to be powered by an HT 383 from Chevy Performance. Her V8 power is going to be mated to a Hydra-Matic 4L65-E Transmission to help get all that power and torque to the road. She’s not only going to be a “head turner” for her looks, but sh’es going to lay some rubber down too! The best kind of truck: loud, proud, and quick! Stay tuned for upcoming installments of Baby B’s new rearend and a new disc brake system (Sadly, we have to stop too…)! Remember to check back every Wednesday for more updates!

Part 10: Bed sides, Running Boards, & Fender Prep

This week the boys have been sanding down the Bedsides, Running Boards, and Fenders to start mocking up the bed. After they sanded them down, the boys applied the primer coat and got right back to the sanding. Baby B is starting to really come together!